• Sachin Kashid Department of Mechanical Engineering, S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat-395007
  • Kumar S Department of Mechanical Engineering, S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat-395007


Expert System, Punches, Compound Die, Production Rules, AutoCAD, Stamping Industries


Selection of punches is an important activity for the design of a compound die. This paper describes an expert system labeled as CDPUN developed for selection of punches of compound die. For the development of proposed system technical knowledge is acquired from various sources of knowledge acquisition and represented by using production rules of ‘IF-THEN’ variety. Rules are coded in AutoLISP language and graphical user interface is created using Visual Basic (VB). The system is capable of imparting expert advices for sequence of punches (upper punch and lower punch), selection of type and size of punches, and punch plate. Further, system also imparts expert advices for determination of clearance between punch and die block. The proposed system can be implemented on a PC having VB and AutoCAD software’s, therefore its low cost of implementation makes it affordable even for small scale stamping industries.


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Sachin Kashid and Kumar S, “CDPUN: AN EXPERT SYSTEM FOR SELECTION OF COMPOUND DIE PUNCHES”, JME, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 016–021, Mar. 2014.