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  • Kuppan P School of Mechanical and Building sciences, VIT University Vellore, Tamilnadu -632014
  • Lakshmi Pathi J School of Mechanical and Building sciences, VIT University Vellore, Tamilnadu -632014


Electrical Discharge Machining, Dry EDM , Near- Dry EDM


Electrical discharge machining process is a thermo-electric process where material is removed by the succession of electrical discharges occurring between an electrode and workpiece. In conventional EDM process liquid dielectrics like kerosene or hydrocarbon based oil is used which results in toxic fume generation during machining, carbon deposition on the machined surface etc which leads to environmental hazards. In order to minimize the environmental hazards and drawbacks, conventional liquid dielectric EDM process has been modified by using gaseous dielectric and mixture of gas and liquid dielectrics known as Dry EDM and Near-Dry EDM respectively. Dry and Near-Dry EDM process causes better debris removal and flushing due to lesser viscosity of gas. Concern of environmental hazard and fire hazard is nil in this process and provides better accuracy of machined surface than in hydrocarbon based oil EDM. In this paper a literature review of works done in the field of Dry and Near-Dry EDM process is been studied and further improvements in the process parameters are been studied for its successful industrial implementation.


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