• Sivarajan S School of Mechanical & Building Sciences, VIT University, Chennai,India
  • Padmanabhan R School of Mechanical & Building Sciences, VIT University, Chennai,India


Friction, PVD coatings, Wear resistance


Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings have a thickness in the micro range and improve the tribological properties of the tool material enormously.  For the enhancement of surfaces for wear resistant applications, two important PVD processes namely arc process and sputtering are widely used.  In this work, AISI D2 tool steel is taken as substrate for evaluation. Three samples are coated with TiN,TiAlN and AlCrN  by arc deposition process. Friction and wear tests were conducted on a Pin on Disc apparatus as per ASTM G99 standardThe pins were made with diameter 10 mm and length 32 mm. The pins were heat treated to 53HRC and ground to Ra value of 0.1µm.A  tip with 5 mm radius was provided on one end of the pin.D3 steel was taken as counter material (disc). The normal load F was taken as 30 N and sliding speed v=0.3m/sec.The experiments were conducted at dry contact conditions. From the results, it is concluded that TiAlN coatings can be an excellent choice to modify friction behavior and improve wear resistance of tool material.


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