A Study on Deposition of Electrode Materials on Magnesium Alloy Using Electrical Discharge Coating Technique


  • Elaiyarasan U Department of Mechanical Engineering, Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering and Technology, Madhuranthagam, Tamil Nadu-603308, India
  • Satheeshkumar V Department of Mechanical Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Salem, Tamil Nadu-636011, India
  • Senthilkumar C Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College of Engineering, Panruti, Tamil Nadu-607106, India




Electrical discharge coating, Powder metallurgy, ZE41A magnesium alloy, Material migration rate, Layer thickness, SEM


In this present research, an attempt has been made to deposit the WC/Cu composite coating on the ZE41A magnesium alloy using electrical discharge coating technique. Tungsten carbide and copper powders with a particle size of 4 μm were used as the electrode materials. Electrodes are prepared in the combination of WC70: Cu30 under different load (150 MPa, 175 MPa, 200 MPa) using powder metallurgy technique. In this experiment, compaction pressure, current and pulse on time were selected as the input process parameters and response were material deposition rate (MDR), layer thickness (LT) and microhardness (MH). From the results, it was revealed that the MDR, LT and MH increase with an increase in discharge current and pulse on time and decreases with increases in compaction pressure. Microstructural evaluation on the deposited surface was performed by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). More prominent craters formed in the deposited region results in the lower surface finish. Energy dispersive spectroscope (EDS) test was carried out to confirm the electrode materials deposited on the workpiece surface.


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