Experimental Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Natural Bio-Polymer Composite


  • Sudalai Raja A Department of Mechanical Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu- 627007, India
  • Jebakani D




Neem, Thennamarakudi oil, , Fish and Screw Pine Fiber, Mechanical Properties


Bio-composites are used in many engineering applications due to various desirable properties that they offer such as light weight, low cost, bio-degradable and bio-compatible. Bio-composites are used in many industries such as automotive, sporting goods, marine, electrical and household appliances. Kenaf, jute, banana, flux is used as fibers. The mechanical properties are evaluated by appropriate testing methods. The strength of material is important to each material so that bio-material to be evaluated by mechanical testing methods. In this study an attempt is made to prepare natural resin with neem oil and Thennamarakudi oil and to fabricate Bio-composite with fish shell and screw pine fiber as reinforcement and test for its mechanical properties such as tensile, Impact and Flexural. The pure resin samples have tensile and flexible properties. After taken testing. the neem oil-based biomaterial flexibility is higher than the oil-based biomaterial. The stiffness is higher in Tk oil-based biomaterial. The result is expected from the biomaterial as eco-friendly material and applicable for medical field as biocompatible


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