• Venkateswara Rao R Department of Mechanical Engineering, S.S.I.T, Sathupalli, Khammam, Telengana, India
  • Ravi Kumar BVR Department of Mechanical Engineering, VNR V.J.I.E.T, Bachupalli, Hydrabad, India.


Coatings, Thin Films, Mechanical Properties , Deposition Techniques


In this paper, the significance of the coatings and its technological development in the field of manufacturing is attempted. Currently all the auto motive, mechanical, electronics and other industries are looking to improve the performance of the materials. It has proven great potential for the development of novel thin film materials with tailored properties. Concepts for the design of such advanced multifunctional materials can be systematically evolved and verified by means of various deposition techniques. The classical multilayer coating concept today is well established and widely used for the design of protective thin films for wear and tribological applications. Recently ternary nitride based coatings are investigated and they exhibit improved tribological, mechanical and thermal properties compared to other coatings.This paper reviews the latest developments in hard, wear-resistant thin films based on the multilayer coating concept and an attempt is made to study the design and deposition of hard coated thin films on soft substrates.


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Venkateswara Rao R and Ravi Kumar BVR, “DESIGN AND DEPOSITION OF HARD THIN COAT INGS ON SOFT SUBSTRATES – A REVIEW”, JME, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 126–129, Sep. 2015.