Corrosion Behaviour of Aluminium 6061 Nickel Coated Cenosphere Composite


  • Arvind R S Department of Mechanical Engineering, Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka-560098, India
  • Prasanna Ram M Department of Mechanical Engineering, Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka-560098, India
  • Prashanth T Department of Mechanical Engineering, Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka-560098, India
  • Jaimon Dennis Quadros Department of Mechanical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, RAK- 41222, United Arab Emirates



Aluminium 6061 composites, fly ash cenospheres, Nickel coated cenospheres, corrosion resistance, immersion corrosion


Cenosphere fly ash is one of the most inexpensive and low-density material which is abundantly available as a solid waste by-product of coal combustion in thermal power plants. Aluminium metal matrix composites with Nickel coated cenospheres as the reinforcement is prepared by stir casting route. The composites are prepared with varying percentages of cenospheres in the percentage of 2-10% by weight of the composite. Immersion corrosion tests are conducted on the composites in three different medium and for three different time durations. It is evident from the test results as well as the microstructure images that the weight loss of samples with 8% Nickel coated cenospheres has shown least corrosion or the highest corrosion resistance when compared to the counterparts.


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