• Abrar Ahamed Department of Mechanical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Off shore campus, UAE.
  • Prashanth T Department of Mechanical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Off shore campus, UAE.


Aluminium 6061 composites, fly ash cenospheres, corrosion resistance, immersion corrosion.


One of the alarming environmental problems that require an immediate solution is associated with an infinitely increasing amount of ash produced during the burning of coal, oil, wood and other biomaterials. Among these, fly ash cenosphere utilization continues to be an important area of national concern due to India’s dependence on thermal power generation for its energy supply. Alloy 6061 is one of the most widely used alloys in the 6000 series. This standard structural alloy, one of the most versatile of the heat-treatable alloys, is popular for medium to high strength requirements and has good toughness characteristics. Alloy 6061 has excellent corrosion resistance to atmospheric conditions and good corrosion resistance to seawater. This paper deals with the manufacture of cenosphere aluminium composites with varied proportions of the reinforcement phase, fly ash cenospheres – 6061 aluminium composite with features in terms of corrosion resistance have been developed. Immersion corrosion studies have been carried out with a thorough correlation between the corroded surfaces and the results indicated. The corrosion studies show that there is an increase in the corrosion pitting of the cenosphere aluminium composite.


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Abrar Ahamed and Prashanth T, “EVALUATION OF CORROSION BEHAVIOUR OF ALUMINIUM 6061- CENOSPHERE COMPOSITES”, JME, vol. 13, no. 1, Sep. 2021.




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