• Ravi Kumar V Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka-560093, India
  • Suresh R Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, ACS College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560074, India
  • Prashanth T Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, PESIT, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560085, India


Al-Si Eutectic Alloy, Immersion Corrosion , Censopheres


Fly ash is a particulate waste material formed as a result of coal combustion in power plants. The use of fly ash as a filler or reinforcement for aluminum alloys is therefore, very desirable from an environmental standpoint. In light of the above, the paper summarizes the development of 12% Silicon eutectic aluminium composites by stir casting route and analyzes the corrosion behaviour of the composite to sea water for a period of 35 days. Based on varied percentages of cenospheres used six compositions of the composite are prepared and evaluated for corrosive properties and hardness.


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How to Cite

Ravi Kumar V, Suresh R, and Prashanth T, “CORROSION BEHAVIOUR OF EUTECTIC ALUMINIUM CENOSPHERE COMPOSITES”, JME, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 175–177, Sep. 2013.

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