• Saravanan S Department of Mechanical Engineering, St. Joseph’s College of Engg., & Tech., Tanjore – 624204, India.
  • Senthilkumar P Department of Mechanical Engineering, K.S.R College of Engineering, Tiruchengode - 637215, India.
  • Ravichandran M Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chendhuran College of Engg., & Tech, Pudukkottai - 622507, India
  • Anandakrishnan V Department of Production Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli - 620015, India.
  • Balan A V Department of Mechanical Engineering, K.S.R College of Engineering, Tiruchengode - 637215, India


AA 6063, TiC, stir casting process


Aluminum matrix composites are the competent material in the industrial world. They are widely used in aerospace, automobile, marine industries, etc. due to their excellent mechanical properties. Development of these lightweight materials has provided the automotive industry with numerous possibilities for vehicle weight reduction. The various routes are used to synthesize AMCs. Among the various manufacturing processes, the conventional stir casting is an attractive processing method for producing AMCs as it is relatively inexpensive and offers a wide range of materials and processing conditions. In this review paper we have discussed about aluminum matrix composites and its synthesizing techniques with the help of previous research reports. The current research activities going in this field is also discussed in this paper.


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