• Bachchhav B D Department of Mechanical Engineering, All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society’s College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, 411 001.
  • Bagchi H Department of Production Engineering & Industrial Management, College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra-411 005


Cold rolling, Strains, Work hardening index, Rolling load


Cold rolling is used to produce metal sheets of superior surface quality and close tolerances. Till now, behavior of metal under application of the load has been understood by a uniaxial tensile test. However, the behavior of metal under actual contact conditions may be more complex and cannot be compared with data obtained in tensile tests. In this paper, attempts have been made to evaluate in- situ strain under simulated contact conditions to predict allowable reduction without cracking. Experiments were performed on specially designed and developed laboratory type rolling mill. The authors tried to evaluate work hardening index and its coefficient for Al 1100H14 under actual contact conditions. Further experiments based on the Taguchi’s technique in order to evaluate the effect of rolling speed, percentage reduction, entry thickness and contact conditions on linear strain were carried out and ranking of parameters was done. This approach will be helpful for manufacturers in order to understand its limiting behavior to straining for newer materials.


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Bachchhav B D and Bagchi H, “IN-SITU STRAIN EVALUATION DURING COLD ROLLING OF AL 1100H14”, JME, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 203–207, Dec. 2017.