Design and Analysis of a Screw Propeller in Marine Vehicle


  • Santhosh V Department of Mechanical Engineering, Alagappa Chettiar Government College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi- 630 004



Screw propeller, thrust, propulsive efficiency, dynamic analysis


In marine vehicle like ships, submarine and torpedoes use propeller for its propulsion, Propeller is to develop the thrust and propulsive efficiency. The paper deals with modeling and analyzing of a screw propeller. There are several important parameters to be considered for modeling screw propeller by using solidworks software. Static and dynamic analysis is to be carried out in Ansys fluent software..Thus the simulation of screw propeller provides maximum velocity to the outlet. So, the velocity distribution has been observed. Then the velocity distribution is displayed by means of velocity magnitude in (m/s) and static pressure in (pascal).


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